Claudessa from Strife — The Second-Generation MOBA

Cosplayer/crafted by Angelus

(via cosplay-gamers)

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My fionna cosplay from Adventure Time! :D

Fionna is: FB Larina Cosplay

Photo: Kaze photography

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!

Cosplayer: Tiffany Amber
Photographer: {X}


Hello there!! Ashley, from the new blog Cosplayadventures2015, here! 

This is me as Marill from Pokemon when my friend, Jamie, and I went to Steel City Con in Pittsburgh! We’re new to the cosplay community and thought this would be a cool way to connect with other cosplayers! 

Photo credit goes to Jamie. 


Hi there Cosplay-Gamers and fellow followers of Cosplay-gamers! :D

This is my Hisoka (from Hunter x Hunter) cosplay I did for Supanova in Sydney (Australia) this year! (I just thought I would share it with you guys cause I love your page, and the community on this page seems awesome! :3)

Credit goes to for the awesome photo! :D



I just wanted to share a cosplay I did in may of Squall Leonhart from final fantasy 8! It was actually part of a video by two frame studios (found at ) and it was really fun to do even though it was really really hot outside in full black leather



Cosplay: Claire Redfield Alternate Costume

Series: Resident Evil 2